I am writing to you today whilst safely ensconced in a giant sweater. OR shall I say "cloak of Halloween candy shame"? 
It has taken me roughly 72 hours to dig my way out of the recliner where I have been hibernating beneath piles of Kit Kat and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup wrappers....just to get to my computer. I am slightly crazy from the sugar and also borderline clinically depressed from watching The Fault In Our Stars for the tenth time since it came out to rent. This sweatshirt has a nice high funnel neck/hood combo, which came in extremely handy to cover my chocolate covered chin while simultaneously drying my tears.  I paired my cozy sweatshirt with my effortless go to hairstyle which I affectionately call "The black pen updo". 
 I hope you are all in a cozy sweatshirt today! If you need an excuse to put one on - try this amazing chili recipe I found on A Family Feast and took to a chili cookoff last week. Husband and I agreed - hands down the BEST dang chili we have EVER eaten! How can you go wrong with chocolate and beer in the ingredients???
xoxo Christy
November 04, 2014 — Christy Beal


Sherry said:

LOVE the post and the pictures! You are beautiful!

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