In early 2014, we as a Cents of Style team, decided to start a custom t-shirt line. Our hope was to create t-shirts for women and children that we would personally wear and put our kids in. We wanted them to be fun and fashionable, but I, personally, wanted one to reflect my passion for social issues and kindness. One of my favorite quotes is by Mahatma Gandhi and says, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” With those things in mind, I came up with the idea of “Be The Good.”


I love this idea that we each can make a difference in this world, even if it is small. We can impact the world just by the way we choose to live our everyday lives. We can increase the goodness and happiness around us by the small things we do each day, helping our children, smiling at a stranger, or choosing to be the type of person that benefits the world for good.


If you value honesty, kindness and service, be a person who exudes those qualities. Show the world your goodness by the way you act each day. Be the good. Do good. See a better world. #bethegood


-Courtney Brown

President & Founder, Cents of Style, LLC



August 27, 2014 — Courtney Brown

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