February 27, 2015


A good friend

Will pose for outfit inspo pictures.... against her will.
Meet Amy. Also known as "my one friend." She deserves a gold medal for putting up with my incessant phone rants and deep thoughts on life that mean nothing and maybe make her want to poke her eyes out. 
Amy was the first friend I made in my new neighborhood when we moved to Boise almost 7 years ago. We bonded instantly over our habitual pregnant-ness, our mutual love for Brandon Flowers, and our bafflement over how Miley Cyrus somehow finagled an engagement to Liam Hemsworth (one of life's most profound mysteries.) 
Shes the person I can count on to leave a zipfizz "anonymously" in my mailbox when I run out, someone who can put up with my sailor-esque descriptions of my failing duties as a mother, and most importantly - someone who will pose on my doorstep and look wistfully into the future because her hair was curled and her jeans were skinny:
Isnt she gorgeous? You can't have  her. Shes mine. (She may be filing for a restraining order after I hit publish on this post. But she wont mean it.)
Thanks for being fashionable and fabulous Amy! I LOVE this look!!! 
(Please note: this is what happens when I take pictures with my Iphone instead of having a photographer with skills assist me. My apologies.) I hope you have a great weekend! 
xoxo Christy
February 25, 2015


Everything I need to know about Beauty...

I learned from Steel Magnolias. 
 Last week a good friend asked me if I would be willing to come and speak to a group of 14-16 year old girls about makeup! I immediately said yes - because in a world where I never got and often craved a little sister to impart of my worldly wisdom to, this is the closest Ill ever come!
After the dust settled and the excitement wore off,  I then realized that I would have to actually conjure up some sort of makeup tutorial and dispense actual advice on how to apply said makeup. And that's when I started to panic.
But then I remembered that thanks to Shelby, Truvy, M'Lyn, Claree, Annelle, and Ouiser - I was schooled properly in the ways of beauty starting from a very young age, which has guided me like a beacon of light through the turmoil that was the orange foundation and opalescent eye shadow of my youth!
So I figure tonight, we will start with the basic law that governs the universe we live in:
4 Steel Magnolias quotes
And the reason I know this is true, is because we live in a world where photoshop has all but turned the human face into an art form. Reality as we know it, is actually nothing but a few clicks of the mouse. Everyone we see in movies and magazines, on billboards, and literally every single place we look - has been airbrushed, tweaked, and streamlined into perfection. 
Case in point: this amazing Dove video: 
Once everyone has concluded that the "natural beauty"  that the world would have us believe is real - is indeed a complete and total farce, and that actual human people have flaws, and these are the things that actually make a person beautiful.....we will move on to proper nutrition and the taking care of our physical bodies: 
14 Steel Magnolias quotes
Its very important for skin health to stay properly nourished and hydrated. This is probably the single most important thing you can do in your beauty routine! So drink up! Drink the juice!
Next we will talk about the importance of matching your skin tone, and understanding how color can bring out the best in your features:
julia roberts animated GIF
Shelbys signature colors may have been "blush" and "bashful" but MY signature colors happens to be diet coke and denim. To thine own self be true! 
As you embark on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, its VITAL to consult with professionals who can help lead you in the right direction:
2 Steel Magnolias quotes
Seeking someone else's opinions on how to style yourself can really give you some much needed perspective! It can even give you new ideas and help you see yourself in a way you never might have imagined!
If you see someone making an error in makeup judgement, its important to be gentle in our criticisms:
 Nobody likes to be gossiped about, or made to feel a fool. So as women today in this crazy world I will reiterate the need to be kind, and to have each others backs when it comes to appearance .
Even if you have to dig deep - there is ALWAYS something nice you can say about someone:
And in that same vein, a good friend who is eager to see the good and beauty in you, is the best kind of friend to have! Surround yourself with people who are uplifting and bring out your confidence! 
This is one of my most favorite Dove videos of ALL TIME. Its ESSENTIAL to remember that people see us so much better than we see ourselves, and we need to BE KIND to ourselves and not be so critical of our appearance:
 There will be ups and downs in your life. Bad things will happen, things that are a result of your personal decisions and also things that are completely beyond your realm of control. However:
Steel Magnolias
Its important to do your best and LOOK your best, so that you can cope with all life has to offer!
Fads change, what is in today will be out tomorrow. So have fun with trends and dont be scared to experiment with a variety of styles:
And last, but never least:
As my hero Audrey Hepburn used to say: "Happy girls are the prettiest girls". Makeup and beauty and everything we do to ourselves in an effort to look good, should always reflect the true beauty within and who we are as a person. 
Have a BEAUTIFUL day! xoxo Christy
February 23, 2015


Oscars 2015

There is really only one thing that needs to be discussed after last night's Oscars show. And that, is John Travolta. From henceforth and forevermore, when someone does something botched beyond repair and or hilariously creepy it shall be known across all platforms as "pulling a Travolta". If someone is victimized by this act, we will simply say, "they were Travoltafied". 
Scarlet Johansson was his first victim of the night: All I could think of was the quote from Dumb and Dumber: "You gave my dead bird to a blind kid???"
Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird!
If you recall last year, Idina Menzel was Travoltafied when he presented her to sing "let it go" and called her by his own made up name, Adele Dezeem:
So this year, to repair the damage, Idina and John were paired together again - and in an effort to smooth over his awkwardness - John opted for repeated touching of Idina's face:
To top off the night, this image was captured of John Travolta giving poor unsuspecting Benedict Cumberbatch the creepy side eye half smile:
Its like hes thinking, "Im going to convert you to Scientology, Bandersnatch Cumberdick"
SO just to recap: First John kissed a very terrified and wax looking Scar-jo, then he gently fondled Adele's cheek, and finally he tried to snatch Benedicts unsuspecting Cumber.
Oh man. It was a good time indeed.
So besides Travolta getting handsy with just about everyone last night...there were a few other mentionable moments:
We all went GAGA for Lady Gaga's Sound Of Music Tribute:
Which was a nice shock, after seeing her arrive to walk the red carpet in this strange and terrifying "dish pan hands" ensemble:
Neil Patrick Harris made an appearance in his tighty- whiteys - for no apparent reason, which I have censored to protect the eyes of the innocent:
Rosamund Pike was a stunner in her AMAZING red Givenchy gown. And then she turned around and I saw that she had shocked me with her deviant behavior and pulled a Sinead O'Rebellion by shaving the bottom of her head! HOW had I not known this had happened?? Although I suppose when you are Gone Girl and have been known to keep secret journals full of incriminating information and accidentally kill boys with box cutters....you can pretty much do whatever you want to your hair.
I would be insane if I failed to insert some more horrifying and totally true pictures of Scarlet Johannson right now:
She too, came in like a wrecking ball. So what say you? Are you brave enough to follow the shaved head trend??? And what did you think of her Jade green dress and waterfall necklace? I made this image to sum up my feelings:
Another mention-able hairdo (or lack thereof) was spotted on Ms. Dakota Johnson who knocked us all out with her GORGEOUS red custom made Yves Saint Laurent gown: and yet...couldnt break out of her handcuffs in Mr. Greys secret torture chambers long enough to do anything with her hair. Instead opting for a mysteriously drab Ponytail. 
Can we all collectively agree right here, right now - that Faith Hill is year's BEST accessorized??? She brought her A- game with the worlds chicest pixie cut - and heart be still - look at the man that came with her. I want that necklace, those earrings, her hairstyle, and Tim McGraw too. What a genetically gifted power couple!
Another highlight was best supporting actress winner Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech calling out for wage equality for women in America! Anytime you get Meryl Streep on her feet shouting and fist pumping in the air with her approval  - you know you did good. Also please admire Jennifer Lopez's confused face.... wage equality? what's wage equality? Did she say ALIMONY?
Although roughly 3 seconds later she too was cheering on her feet - because in Hollywood,  when in doubt...do what Meryl is doing.
Speaking of Jennifer Lopez I was SO excited that she decided to wear something totally different from her norm this year!
oops, my mistake. She wore EXACTLY the same boobs as all the other years...
I dont even understand what has been going on with the Jennifers lately - But here is Ms. Aniston donning yet another tired, boring, skin colored, slipdress. I feel like she is still trying to be Rachel Green who works at Ralph Lauren. For pete's sake I think if she showed up in something with even a little bit of color or volume - or heaven forbid - if a curling iron ever made contact with her boring hair - I WOULD FALL OVER AND DIE.
Now on to my FAVORITE looks of the night!!! Lets begin with my favorite person on the planet (well besides Mindy Kaling) the adorably Chartreuse Emma Stone: This dress! I love it so. Just look at the back!!! And feast your eyes on the Tiffanys cuffs. Her sideswept finger waved hair and red red lips were the perfect finishing touch!
Apparently Emma had a slight wardrobe malfunction and flashed her nude undies on the Red Carpet, while fixing the train of her Elie Saab stunner. The funny part is - it just makes me love her more. Because hello - at least she had ON underwear! 
Next up: The impeccable Cate Blanchett
I am OBSESSED with this turquoise bib necklace from Tiffanys. WHY don't I have a spare couple hundred thousand dollars laying around!! I hope a knock off surfaces soon...
Namoi Watts is a personal favorite no matter what she has on. She always goes for something slightly edgy - and I love this Armani Prive gown and her wine stained lips. 
Felicity Jones won my undying love and devotion the second I watched her in The Theory Of Everything. And I am SMITTEN with this Dove Gray gown (Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen) that captured a good ol Hollywood feel. And her darling updo, with her humble slightly embarrassed British way about her - she very nearly made me cry when she hugged Eddie Redmayne when he won the Oscar. 
 Here are a few of the white dresses that made you feel confused lined up in a single photo:
Besides lady Gagas dress (which so clearly is not even remotely able to be taken seriously) I was 50/50 on these looks. Julianne Moore was polished and ravishing, but I didnt love the dropped waste flower jewel thingies that embellished her dress. Reese Witherspoon looked sleek yet in need of a garment steamer - and a hairstylist (and some bangs). Lupita Nyong'o has a killer body and looks SENSATIONAL in white, but all the crazy beading and hawaiian feeling neckline made me give her dress one thumb down. 
I've saved the worst for last. Keira Knightly. 
Her crazy dress is written in french but don't worry - I happen to be fluent in regret and so I will translate it for you: I am outdated and unflattering and sprinkled with shiny coral and sea foam flowers that glimmer in the night like dental office wallpaper. Also: Scalloped bodice.
If your eyes are burning like mine, then feast upon Anna Kendrick's perfection. She can take the sting out of just about anything Keira Knightly can put out there:
I hope you enjoyed the Oscars as much as I did! Let me know who your favorites were and all the moments you loved the best! I literally ate myself into a coma last night and am paying a hefty price today. Im off to eat lettuce and drink water and throw away about 300 cupcake wrappers.
xoxo Christy
February 21, 2015


Remember that time at the Oscars...

Well happy Oscars eve! To get you in the spirit for tomorrows big fashion reveal, I thought it only appropriate to take a jaunt down memory lane - and remember our favorite looks of glorious hideousness. Taking fashion risks is what its all about - and sometimes its a major payoff...
Because remember Angelina's thigh?
Or this gorgeous Armani Prive gown with the amazing cutout on Naomi Watts?
Or what about this stunning play on volume on the adorable Jennifer Lawrence? Who cares that it made her fall up the stairs! Totally worth it!
And then of course we have the mishaps. Like this fiasco on Anne Hathaway showcasing her very perky bosom: 
And that time Uma Thurman came as a milk maid... 
The year that Helena Bonham Carter rocked an English Flag garter underneath a velvet Victorian vampire dress...WITH A HAND FAN. 
And then there was that time that Celine Dion wore a reverse suit coat with giant pants. Annnnd a fedora. 
One year the adorable and seemingly flawless Faith Hill even shocked us in this feathered rainbow sherbet dress... 
Its not often that Gwyneth Paltrow is on a worst dressed list, but back in 2002 she opted to go braless and braided to the Oscars...
An oldie but goodie: Demi Moore in a pair of caped spanx:
That time Cameron Diaz walked the red carpet as a belly dancing geisha:
And Tilda Swinton forgot an entire sleeve - but managed to remember 10 yards of velvet
And last but never least: the dress that goes down in Oscar fashion history as the ultimately bizarre: Bjorks swan dress.
I am eagerly anticipating tomorrows show!!! I have high hopes for the hosting ability of Neil Patrick Harris who is famous not only for his acting chops but also for his musical performance abilities. My fashion favorites every year tend to be Namoi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie - but I love it even more when I am shocked with a notable fashion blunder! Makes for a fun after-post on Monday morning!!
Ill be instagramming and tweeting LIVE tomorrow!! And Ill see you all back here next week for the fashion recap!
xoxo Christy
February 19, 2015


Denim and Baby Fever

It is nearly impossible for me to talk about twins without automatically humming the Doublemint gum song. So if you're ready to double your pleasure and double your fun - look no further than this post. 
I may be a little biased...but feast your eyes upon the worlds most adorable duo: my nephews. Little Charlie is on the left and Carter is on the right. 
For Christmas because I have uncontrollable shopping problems combined with insatiable baby fever - I had to buy them each a pair of designer Susie Custom jeans. And -oh my word - these JEANS! It called for a photo shoot!
Carter is wearing the custom dark jeans. Look at these back pockets! 
Charlie rocked the lighter wash. And a tiny man scarf - which kills me!
My sister in law Kallie is simply the cutest mom in the entire universe. The fact that she birthed twins defies all natural laws of physics and I honestly don't know how she handles the demands of TWO toddlers at the same time!!! I can barely juggle petting my dog and watching TV simultaneously - but don't you worry Kallie manages to mother twins, look gorgeous 
ALWAYS - and she leaves her house on a regular basis fully showered.
After the babies were born I expected to find her huddled in a dark closet crying uncontrollably into a pair of her pre-pregnancy jeans whilst clutching a bottle of cymbalta in the other hand like a regular person...but no. She was all smiles in an adorable pant suit and like "here are my babies that I'm nursing AT THE SAME TIME and isn't this awesome!?" She is straight-up from Stepford. And the worst part??? She is sincerely the NICEST person I have EVER met. I've never seen her crazy or mad, or heard her utter a negative word or speak unkindly about anyone. She is the first to offer up a meal, or babysit for friends, and on her birthday every year she likes to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. Her ONLY flaw - is that she can't tie bows. We discovered this when throwing my nieces 6th birthday party and Kallie refused to assist with tying tulle around the chairs.She hung her head in shame and simply said, "My bows look messed up. I cant tie bows." I stood there in shock and whispered: her one flaw. I found it!
 And here she is with two BOYS so no bow-tying is even necessary!
I am not affiliated with nor was I asked or paid to support Susie Custom. I just am a HUGE denim junkie with a serious infatuation for adorable jeans - and when I saw these I HAD to have them! They exceeded my expectations as far as softness and quality. They were worth every penny! (Coincidentally they are on sale right now! And they come in sizes 6months-6T.) I have a feeling Ill be ordering up a few more pairs for my 3 kiddos. 
If only I could order up a set of twins while I'm at it!
 xoxo Christy
February 17, 2015


Blind again.

In the 3rd grade, we finally figured out that I was blind as a bat. This should have been an obvious observation, since I was pummeled in the face repeatedly as a child during dodgeball in PE without so much as an attempt to protect myself...AND was the coordinated equivalent of Bambi learning to walk. I also couldn't do math. (Which sadly, now we know- had nothing to do with my eyesight.) 
Once my teachers clued my parents in - I became the proud owner of a tiny round tortoiseshell pair of glasses - with lenses roughly 6 inches thick. I sported those beauties for a few years, and then upgraded to a huge pair of Sally Jesse Raphaels, which really were wire rimmed with a bar across the middle in signature bright red. I do recall the Optician trying to talk me into sizing down into a more attractive frame, but no. I knew what I wanted, and I wanted these:
Its a very sad, extremely true story. And there is the grainy 1992 picture to prove it. THANKFULLY by the 5th grade my parents had taken mercy on me and gotten me contact lenses. And then after College graduation they gifted me Lasik, and I had all but forgotten the tortuous blindness of my past...
Until now. 
Earlier this year I started squinting at the TV and driving like an elderly person. I couldn't read street signs or drive at all after dark, and if it was raining outside I literally couldn't leave my house. And so....these:
You guys - just TELL me If I am repeating the mistakes of my past! If I were a hipster, I would look awesome with these frames. But...Im just a tired momwife with a small head - and therefore I look ridiculous. HOWEVER....I am learning to adapt to my new blind status and embrace the frames! After all, this does mean I get to shop for even MORE accessories! (Which is basically my love language ). 
How come I see adorable girls with glasses on ALL THE TIME??? But I put them on and I immediately turn into some type of giant spinster insect? It's truly bewildering. I've had a hard time finding frames that look cute on me. Partly because I have a tiny pin head - and partly because when I try on glasses Im actually too blind to see if they look good or not. ( A bitter irony, indeed.)
Have you heard of Zenni Optical? A friend (thanks Leslie, you lifesaver!) told me about them this year and  I have just placed my first order of glasses on the cheap. I cant wait for them to get here. Seriously 2 pairs of glasses shipped to me for less than $20? Not too shabby.  
Im off to do some light reading on quantum physics and molecular biology now. (Which, roughly translated means season 5 of Friends is calling and  Fashion be darned, Im just excited to be able to see the TV without squinting!)
xoxo Christy
February 13, 2015


You're so Vain

You probably think this Valentine is for you...
I started celebrating earlier this week by eating endless bags of cinnamon hearts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consequently it required a very hefty pair of spanx to fit into these printed pants that I am completely obsessing over! I found this outfit at The Rack last week and spent a whopping $23 - including the fuchsia top. The Hat is from Target and carrying it around makes me feel like belting "You're so vain" from the top of my lungs.... (if only my hat were strategically dipped below one eye.)
Shoes and jewelry are Cents of Style - and I am completely obsessed with wearing long necklaces lately. 
I highly recommend walking into parties this weekend, like you are walking onto a yacht....
And if you do opt for a scarf....I recommend apricot. 
Happy Valentines Day! Remember not to give away the things you love. Especially if one of them is me!
xoxo Christy
ps - if you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about go HERE.
February 11, 2015


Love is in the air

Sometimes when a girl gets married she needs to do it with the vibrant city of Manahattan as a backdrop. Do you know what coordinates perfectly with white tulle? Yellow taxi cabs.
I belong to a very secretive group of people in society known as "married (twice) before Pinterest". Way back in 2002 when I was a wee childbride of 20 - There was no pinning of cute crafty wedding day creations, or collecting of bridesmaid looks, or reception themes. Oh no. There was only Davids Bridal, and the long ago dreams of childhood to plan my wedding. I would share a photo of my first wedding with you except that all the evidence of that event was somehow destroyed in a mysterious fire. In fact all that remains from that day over 13 years ago - is some super attractive emotional baggage...and a crumpled up, very dirty, worn outside in a park, size 2 wedding dress. Which has been stored away in an old plastic zippered bag in the dark recesses of the guest room closet.
After my first marriage I swore off wedding receptions (and also "love") forever. I just came to the conclusion that a girl only needs so many therapy sessions and toaster ovens in her life, you know? And after suffocating in a house outfitted with all the Bed Bath and Beyond a registry could handle - I knew the next time I decided to legally lose my mind I would at least have the common sense to pick out my own towels.
Lucky for me I got a complete relationship and wedding do-over a few years later, after I had figured out exactly who I was and what the heck I wanted out of life. It involved a short hibernation in Paris (another GREAT post for another day!) and then on to sweet sweet southern California, where I bought myself a white leather couch, a silver doll faced Persian kitty for a companion, and a closet full of designer jeans. It was the perfect formula for reinvention! I was recovered from my divorce in no time!
And so when I met my charming husband-to-be late one night at a church function, and quickly fell bald head over short heels in like with him....I knew if our love continued to bloom, that I would have to someday be really honest with him - about my disdain for all things wedding related. 
(Here is a picture of us during the dating era - we look like babies!!!)
I don't recall how this topic actually came up, but by some giant heart shaped miracle, Gabe wasn't too interested in the idea of a traditional wedding reception either. We were living in California as Idaho transplants, and our large families and scope of friends were residing in a variety of zip codes - making choosing a marital location virtually impossible. So as things got more serious, so did our plans to elope. We decided to get married in New York City at the Manhattan LDS temple, hang out and experience the city for 4 days, then hop a plane to Paris for a week long honeymoon. It was the stuff that a shopping addict's dreams are made of. 
(Welcome to new york! as Taylor Swift says: It been waiting for me)
As the secret wedding date loomed closer and closer, our guilt started to mound over not, at the very least, informing our parents of our plan. So we modified our elopement to include inviting our parents to join us in NYC - knowing with a surety that Gabe's travel-phobic mother would never ever in 10 million years agree to board an airplane. We were completely shocked and thrilled when by some great miracle our parents all agreed they wanted to come with us to New York. 
(Here we are freezing to death at a Mets baseball game the night before we got married)
And thus my wedding dreams all miraculously came to fruition as I spent every single penny meant for catering, a florist, a venue, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen tuxes, --- all on my sweet self.
My thinking went something like this: I could send out wedding announcements...OR I could buy 5  pairs of True Religion jeans.I could pay for a hotel room for my friends so they could be a part of the wedding party ...OR I could buy this amazing Marc Jacobs bag! And therefore I shopped H&M in times square with reckless abandon, Zara like it was the last store on earth, and splurged on professional hair and makeup artists for the big day. 
Instead of wedding cake, we exchanged bites of hot dogs. 
 I had an Audrey Inspired hairstyle and dress, and felt oh so Holly Golightly (minus the prostitution part) on my perfect New York day.
 We ended the night by eating at the Rainbow room at 30 Rockefeller Plaza,
and then whisking away in a cab to the anniversary suite at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. 
I may not have married the 6 foot 2 inch tall Anesthesiologist  who looked like Paul McCartney reincarnated with a penchant for serving medical missions to orphanages in underdeveloped countries that I had planned on - but I did get the guy who loved me for all my wild crazy ways, baggage included. Who overlooked my need to buy "just one more pair!" and who ultimately has proven to be a dang good shoe collector himself. I wouldn't trade our fashionable start for any Pinterest wedding in the world! 
Happy Valentines week to all you lovelies out there. Marriage is SUPER hard and takes TONS of effort and patience and most importantly - you have to become a gold medalist in the forgiveness Olympics on a daily basis if you want to survive it. But its good to look back on the good ol days and remember why you signed up to do exactly just that! 
I'd LOVE to see your wedding day! If you're game throw a picture on Instagram and tag me (christyatthetopknot) so I can marvel at your beauty! 
xoxo Christy
February 09, 2015

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Comfort Clothes Then & Now

Oh man. Has anyone else's house fallen victim to the endless stream of sicknesses plaguing society right now? We've had the flu, hacking cough, sinus infection, flu again, and what can only be described as some sort of deadly toxin that renders its victims completely unable to sleep during nighttime hours - and only affects kids. 

And therefore: Meet my new all day every day outfit!

I am so thankful we live in an era of socially acceptable comfort clothes: T shirts, harem pants, topknots. We've come so far!

I did grow up in the Winona Ryder era of grunge after all. Can you even look at this picture without hearing Aerosmith's "I dont wanna miss a thing?"

I think not. Just seeing this outfit makes me want to go watch all 5 seasons of 'Ally McBeal' and then go to Lucky 13 for a pesto pizza in my moms white convertible with my 4 best friends. Ahh, memories. 

Here's to another week of sick kids and wishful thinking myself back to 1998. (Minus the horror of surviving my first breakup, and living in a city that has never heard of H&M).





February 06, 2015

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Monochrome: The right way

I've been wearing a lot of monochrome lately. Mostly the black on back on black combo. Im starting to think I have a color phobia. 
As long as you're mixing texture and material (like leather and denim or cotton and flannel) I think the one color combo is spot on! 
I love this cropped jacket, which is actually stretch cotton! Its soft but also edgy with a little hardware and a chunky zipper. ( I have a weakness for chunky zippers)
Also my obsession with these gunmetal bracelets continues.....
Have a great weekend everyone! Im planning on continuing my monochrome streak with wearing varying shades of bathrobe all weekend.
See you monday,
xoxo Christy
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