March 30, 2015


Spring Lookbook

I've been in a semi comatose state for nearly 3 days now. It appears that I have picked up a touch of the virus my carrier monkey children have been passing back and forth for the past month, and I am now the proud recipient of never-ending body aches and chills. Its the kind of sickness that hasn't completely wiped me out, and yet anything beyond watching adoption documentaries on Netflix or shopping Zulily on my phone - is completely exhausting and more than I have energy for. 
This lookbook is the result of 6 packets of alkseltzer cold, a box of theraflu, and if I were being completely honest...maybe a percocet or two. What I'm trying to say is - thanks to modern medicine, my self control and common sense with my debit card flew out the window this weekend. And I can't be held accountable for my shopping actions. Here is a peak at a few of the things I found online:
H&M has once again psychically intuited that I needed to stock up on denim bermuda shorts. They came out with 3 different washes just for me. 
AND this amazing red dress that I need for an upcoming wedding! I love the length and tiny sleeve! And depending on which necklace and shoes you wear this dress can turn out 50 different ways of stylish!
Zara invented these low rise laser cut skinny jeans with destressed detailing that are actually affordable! Just $59! This cropped length looks especially amazing with some high heels and a blazer - which has become sort of my go to look this spring. 
Anthropologie has an extra 20% off sale items (code extraextra at checkout) so I scooped up these floral drawstring pants for my collection. I wish I had them on my person right this second instead of the unfortunate sweatshirt legging combo that has been my uniform for roughly 72 hours. 
Zulily is an addiction for me. I check it every morning before I even get out of bed. If you arent doing the same - I beg of you. Sign up immediately. (here is my affiliate link: If you sign up through me you can basically feel amazing because its like a charitable donation to my closet. And I am a needy shopping addict. I had to have these adorable black pants with hardware on the waistband. Because - hardware. And also because they were only $25!
And last but not least - the essential white pants. I liked these American Eagle ones because they have a trouser look versus the usual jeans that I wear and I think they will look amazing with just about every single button down shirt and graphic T that I own. Also....because they were only $39. Cant beat that. (sorry for the terrible photo - AE wont let me save a good image off their site!. Click the link to see the cuteness minus the graininess!)
I would be insane to not mention my favorite recently acquired graphic T courtesy of Cents of Style. Which just so happens to go perfectly with everything else I bought today! A truer statement has never been spoken than this one:
To complete my spring fever I am still on the lookout for an amazing leather bag. Something along these lines... although I wasn't quite sick enough to spend $280 on this one today:
So there you have it. My current lookbook of fashion cravings. I'm sure tomorrow I will wake up slightly sober from my medication and wonder if this was all some hazy wonderful shopping dream....and then quickly realize after looking at my blog that I am going to have to closely monitor the mail in the next few weeks so my husband doesn't see the madness that went on!
What are your current shopping obsessions? Have you found any favorite spring looks that I need to know about??? DO share!
March 27, 2015


Coming to terms with not living in Africa...

Is there ANYTHING more stressful than setting up and coordinating family photo shoots??? Seriously.
I have a photo wall in my house that was literally the ONLY nesting type decorating thing I did when we moved in. And if I were being totally honest here - I might admit that I didn't even make it. My mom did. I have a minor sort of problem called L A Z I N E S S when it comes to house decor. Also I live in an Amish palace and I have difficulty styling my fifty shades of wood. 
I secretly wish I lived in this little abode:
Unfortunately - this amazing gem is currently residing in Johannesburg.... as in SOUTH AFRICA. And I'm pretty sure I'm not going on safari anytime soon. 
Which brings me back to family pictures. Because at some point I'm going to have to admit that I live here. Boise. And that I live in this Tuscan style house - complete with wrought iron scrolls and wood crown molding and wooden blinds and WOOD everywhere. And it might be time to update the good ol picture wall! Plus my boys are getting old enough to realize that they aren't actually on the wall....despite our best efforts to convince them that some of the baby pictures of my daughter are actually of them. 
Now don't get me wrong - I am SO thankful that I have a home and am always aware of the fact that my hideous crown molding is for sure a first world problem. However, when I'm here all day in charge of dusting the endless sea of neverending wooden surfaces....sometimes I leave my curling iron turned on high, sitting on top of a pile of old People magazines and then run away with reckless abandon secretly hoping that I might get a call that there has been a "mysterious fire"....And then I could somehow start anew and build a replacement house filled with shiny white surfaces and strategically placed thoughtful pieces of modern art sculptures. 
So. To help pass the time while I think of ways to finance my random move to Africa, I set up a family photo shoot with Rebecca at Merrakai photography. As soon as the day and time were set in stone I promptly started to obsess over colors and outfits and how to make 5 people look charming when in fact Benett is the devil in disguise, Spencer is partial to hot yellow girl's pants (not actually a problem), and of course then there is Brigitte who refuses to wear denim or seams that touch her skin. Tricky indeed. 
Thankfully, we have an H&M nearby and all my outfit woes were silenced in one 30 minute power sweep through the store. (Sidenote: how is it that H&M can stock some of the cutest most modern and adorable outfits EVER - and then one small shopping rack over I see a pile of cartooney mickey mouse hello kitty pixar cars garbage that makes me break out in hives??? What crazy schizophrenic buyer is choosing these styles?!!!)
Once the clothing was decided upon, then the superhuman task of ENDURING the actual photoshoot came upon us last night. That's right. I survived to tell the tale! Rebecca was so creative and awesome that the kids were entertained and engaged the entire 45 minutes. She was stocked with smarties aka smile pills or "energy" that she would entice them with periodically. And considering that usually at 6pm I am contemplating if there is maybe some type of straight jacket sewing tutorial on pinterest that I should be aware of - they kids did pretty well. 
I myself kept my outfit pretty basic with a pair of distressed skinnies and a black shirt - and then styled it with two of my most prized accessories: 
These must have shoes:
And this heavenly wrap watch bracelet combo that sets my heart a flutter.:
Stay tuned for the big reveal of the photo shoot pictures! I am still deciding how to best use the pictures. It may be time to say kwaheri (goodbye in Swahili) to the photo-wall. Do you have an amazing design idea on how to display family photos??? Do tell!
xoxo Christy 
March 26, 2015


Pulsera Project

My friend Paige is hosting an amazing fundraiser and the crunchy granola slash twelve year old lover of friendship bracelets in me couldn't resist supporting her venture! Its called PULSERA (which means bracelet in spanish). Their mission is to support Nicaraguan youth, individuals, and families with other students from all over the world.
I think projects like this are so cool! Why didn't they exist when I was a youth??? Paige just so happens to be a very hip and with it 6th grade teacher at Village Charter middle school here in Boise, and this is the third year that her class has collaborated with Pulsera. 
"Each pulsera takes about an hour to make, comes tagged with the picture and signature of the artist, and is woven with the rich personal history of the person who made it. When you wear a pulsera, you not only share the voice of a Nicaraguan artist, but you also raise your own voice too, speaking out for opportunity, unity, and a more equal and colorful world."
If you are local, head over to the Pure Barre Boise studio to buy a HANDMADE bracelet from someone in Nicaragua. Here are a few of the people that made my lovely bracelets:
The best part? Only $6 snags you a beautiful Pulsera. I don't know about you - but I might have accidentally purchased about 16 bracelets. 
A small price to pay to support someone from limited means, who may be struggling in their life, but who is also working towards bettering their future. Bringing home these bracelets yesterday gave me an opportunity to talk to my children about Nicaragua and the people who live there and the difficult circumstances many of them face. My kids are young (6,4,and 3) but they already understand that many people in the world do not have the blessing and opportunities that we have here in America.
My kids are each happily sporting at least one bracelet today, and I hope as they grow up, that they too can take advantage of programs like this that make our world a little bit smaller,
and a lot kinder. 
xoxo Christy
March 24, 2015

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#Hipster in a slouchy beanie

If I had known how fun and fabulous it was going to be to dress up my boys...I would have had 3 more. (BAHAHAHAHA. No.) But the two I do have are getting better and better at allowing my fashion taste to overtake their transformer/ninja phase. Spencer, my 4 year old is especially interested in hair gel and skinny jeans. (He is for reals is an answer to prayer). 

Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon this genius slouchy beanie tutorial from Heidi and Finn - that literally takes 2 minutes to whip up. Seriously you don't even need a pattern for this (but you can use the one from the link above if you are a measurer:)

I simplified the pattern a ton. This is how I do things. Because I'm lazy, and generally speaking I only have roughly three minutes a day to myself - which I must use wisely.  

The finished products turned out so adorable!

I love this lil hipster too much. If you need something fast and fun to make during your spring break try this slouchy beanie tutorial! As a bonus its completely dreary in Boise this week and these hats have been quite popular with everyone - including my daughter. 

Have a lovely week on vacation. Ill be here. Not in Mexico. Not on a cruise. Not curling my hair.

And probably wearing a slouchy beanie. 



March 20, 2015


If you buy ONE thing this spring....

Make it a pair of Ear Jackets!

I am completely obsessed with them. Basically its an earring with the majority of bling behind your ear, in a peek a boo fashion. I love this unexpected role reversal! (Also please enjoy my feathered bangs and ghost lips in the above makeup free photo. Someone needs a spray tan...) 

The ear jacket is so adorable, that Julianne Moore is doing it:

Diane Kruger is doing it:

Rosamund Pike is such a fan that she even wore a pair to the Oscars this year!

My girl Jessica Alba is a fan:

And of course, if Hollywood's little darling Jennifer Lawrence is wearing them, you know its serious fashion business:

You can snag the same pair I have on here. You're welcome. 

xoxo Christy

March 18, 2015

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DIY Headwraps

I was in a crafty mood yesterday and decided to make some of these adorable head wraps I've seen floating around on pinterest. I was shocked at how inexpensive and easy they were to make - so I am here to encourage you to give it a try!  Only one small problem - the only darling girl I have in my possession was away at school when it came time for a photoshoot this morning! Thankfully right across the street lives maybe the cutest little chub Ive ever laid eyes on so I scampered over and borrowed her for a few minutes to model for me.  
I bought a variety of stretch fabrics from good ol Joanns and just freehanded an easy bow pattern. I bought 1/4 yard of 8 different fabrics and the total was less than $20. Each 1/4 yard of fabric will yeild  2 headwraps (or possibly 3 for newborn size).I also found some fabrics in the dancewear section that were fun! Look around - anything stretchy will work!
I think its darling to mix patterns - so some my bows were sewn in a different fabric. But you can certainly  use the same fabric for the headband and the bow. 
To make the headwrap simply cut a piece of fabric that is 8 inches wide by head circumference. (My toddler wraps were all 8"x 16" - but some of the fabrics had more stretch than others, so make adjustments as necessary).
Once your fabric is cut, fold in half, right sides together (inside out), and sew along the long edge.
Then turn right side out and insert one end of your headband inside the other open end. 
Once the end is tucked inside the other you will have a headband formed. To create the gather that you tie the bow around, you need to fold each side in towards the center. 
then zig zag stitch to hold in place. Dont worry if this looks pretty - you will be tying a bow over the seam. 
Now that your headband is done - you need to make the bow. Here is a free template from Carissa Miss if you aren't comfortable freehanding. Fold your fabric and cut out 2 identical bows. Sew them right sides together, leaving a space to turn right side out. 
I never stitch shut the opening after its turned because you tie it in a knot and it doesn't show.Finish off your head wrap by tying the finished bow around the center gathered seam of your headband. 
Here are a few more adorable pictures of the headwraps in action in case you need a little more inspiration :)
Cutest baby gift ever, and in all honesty these are completely ageless. My first grader wore one all day yesterday and I'm going to sew myself some next! Easy breezy. If you give it a try tag me on instagram so I can admire your work!!! (christyatthetopknot). 
March 16, 2015


I can't even.

Sing it with me: 

When I woke up this morning I was unfortunately, NOT kissing Valentino by a crystal blue I-tali-an stream. oh no. I was simultaneously being smothered by my husbands Canadian goose snoring and the chirp of my 3 legged cat looking for a warmer spot to sleep because apparently on TOP of my person was inadequate. I had to pry myself out of my gak encrusted down comforter and feel my way in the darkness all the way to the closet, where I put my Kate Hudson workout pants on BACKWARDS. 3 times. To my defense - it was 5 am. And the only distinguishing factor to determine the front from the back of those black leggings is a microscopic Fabletics Insignia on the left bum cheek. This particular pair of pants is tight to say the least - they fit like a second skin. Some days I count the physical act of just getting them on as my actual workout. So to apply them incorrectly more than once was both hysterical and exhausting. Every time I put them on and stood up, the back waste-band was suspiciously low, and the front was freakishly maternity-like and came up past my belly button. And then I would have to sit down, pry them off, and reapply. The only somewhat silver lining to this episode is that it gave me the genius idea of keeping diet cokes in my closet from now on....

By some miracle I made it to Pure Barre WITH my pants on the right way, and by the time we were through the warm up all of my glorious Advocare supplements were running full boil through my bloodstream. I had a pretty good workout (which just means I made it to the end without taking 3 bathroom breaks), and consequently am now unable to pry myself off my couch. Why WHY do I do this to myself????

Because I'm as hopelessly devoted to Pure Barre as Sandy was to her virtue.

Or , maybe more specifically - Im hopelessly devoted to being able to button up my jeans while eating as much Indian food as humanly possible.

In other important earth shattering news: my 3 year old honey badger has pneumonia. Which roughly translated - means he coughs spasmodically until he barfs and we run around trying to catch it in a variety of mixing bowls. He has to do nebulizer treatments which chemically equate to him snorting cocaine and literally turn him into an animal with rabies. Two days ago while on one of his energy binges he somehow got ahold of some Gak (which he calls "glue") during nap time - and managed to get it stuck in his hair and terminally smeared all over my down comforter. (You may have seen a small video snippet of this on my Instagram). He tries my patience this one. 

And just for fun, my 6 year old also came down with a bug and also threw up all weekend... so I've just about lost my mind.  My good friend Kristi knew I was on the verge so she dropped off mercy salads from Cafe Rio to help me endure the house arrest. I opened the door and frantically screamed "TAKE ME WITH YOU!!" and she quickly got back in her car and raced away - because I think she could tell I wasn't joking.  

Happy Manic Monday folks. I wish it were Sunday.

xoxo, Christy

March 13, 2015


The Little Lumberjack Party

If anyone is in need of the worlds most ADORABLE theme for a little birthday party, feast your eyes on this Lumberjack spread from Announcing You!
Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter set up? Or little Lumberjack? I provided the adorable smiling boy for this photoshoot and I have to say, more joy was never seen upon the face of a child while he was allowed to both handle giant chocolate cupcakes as well as a hunting rifle!
Every tiny detail of this party seriously kills me!
Go here to see Announcing You's amazing printable parties and invitations. We are HUGE fans!
xoxo Christy
March 11, 2015


Before Skinny Jeans took over the world....

As a denim junkie dedicated to sampling every type and shape of jeans known to man, I have to say that these vintage Diesel flares are among my very favorites!
I bought these from Off Saks when Grays Anatomy was fresh on TV. I was living the single life in sunny San Deigo and the most difficult of my daily decisions revolved around where to go out for sushi or how much was an economically acceptable amount to spend on yet another pair of shoes I didnt need...
Pretty much everything in my life has changed, and yet these jeans have outlived most of my terrible decisions. Even more amazing, they have managed to remain intact through 3 pregnancies and a rather impressive jalepeno popper addiction...
Its nice to know there are things like this to count in life, am I right?
xoxo, Christy
March 09, 2015


So Long, Farewell.

Last Thursday a modern day miracle was performed, in my driveway, at roughly 2pm. Lazarus was raised from the dead. Water was turned into wine. Yes, my friends. I once was blind, but now I see!!!

And that is because the camper of doom that has long since been the source of constant pain and never ending patience on my part - has BEEN SOLD! Yes. It is the dawn of a new era. Perhaps, even - a time to consider the camping possibilities of the future!!

4 years ago my darling Aunt Barbara sold us her beloved Toyota Dolphin camper. It was in pristine rodent infused condition and had taken up permanent residence in the field behind her house. My husband took one peek inside the non-working  yellow and orange furry interior and just knew he had to have it. 

His Dad and Brother helped him get it from Burley to Boise, and it all went down hill from there. Notice that it is on a trailer...because yeah, it didn't actually run....

The camper restoration era of my life consisted of countless caffeinated nights of single parenting my 3 kids under 3, while my husband wiled away in the garage with a headlamp strapped to his head full of crazy ideas. I remember going to bed alone, and waking up alone. Even worse, I remember the INFINITE number of pretend supportive conversations I had to have about where to install a microwave, how to create a faux stainless steel finish on top of wood paneling, where the cheapest place to buy a camper toilets is, how to weld a custom grate to the tail end, and on and on and on. AND ON. 

There was a blog, dedicated to his beloved camper: RV DREAM (feel free to peruse the painful memories in full detail). I started to call this little camper of doom "Gabes Mistress". He even turned the children against me, bribing them with power tools and letting them watch cartoons inside for hours while he worked away:

He also did quite a lot of the work while wearing our fat baby Benett, who was a fine little companion as long as he didnt get his scartchy hands anywhere near your face...

Looking at these pictures I can remember with total clarity just how MUCH I despised the camper!! I was drowning in postpartum craziness and my husband was spending every penny and second of every day on the remodel. I wanted to go on a cruise - NOT on a pretend homeless adventure in a 1970 tenement on wheels!!!

BUT....(and this is the part I will deny ever saying) - I totally ended up LOVING our little camper!!! It allowed some of my favorite family memories to take place, and my kids especially were completely devoted to our summertime adventures! We spend a week at RedFish Lake every summer, and I cant even imagine doing that in a tent. So I suppose, the camper was a sort of necessary evil if you will. 

And now, just like that (4 years later) it is gone! We simply outgrew its tiny awesomeness and are ready to embark on a new remodel adventure! Plus I now have a xanax prescription and my youngest child is 3, so I think I can cope with the insanity!!!

2 summers ago we found a GMC motorhome called a Palm Beach - and we completely fell in love with the vintage style. Think: Gidget goes camping, and you will have an idea of its adorableness! It almost looks like the scooby doo van, or a barbie camper. And we MUST have one!

When I picture this summer and all the fashionable adventures I will surely have - this is what I envision:

And then my husband sends me this email: "Honey, I found the perfect camper and its only 9 grand!!!"


and I die a little inside. 

Ill keep you posted on the next chapter of my unfortunate camper existence. Pray for another miracle!!! (as in my husband receiving the gift of common sense).

xoxo Christy


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