April 30, 2015


How adorable is this girl?

Since I have been travelling a ton these past two weeks I asked a few amazing girls to fill in for me and share a little bit about their lives and what makes them tick. I am SO amazed at the talents and goodness that each of them possess, and I have loved reading their posts!  
This week while I am in Utah for a wedding, I have asked my fantastically adorable niece Brynn to share a few inspiring pictures of what its like to be young and alive these days (ah, memories!). Somehow she is totally nailing the whole "successful teenager thing" and I am beyond impressed with her. At her age I was accidentally making out with Australian boys and skipping school to go to the latest Jennifer Love- Hewitt movie (remember her???).
I feel really old right now...
My name is Brynn and I’m 16 years old. I’m a Sophomore at Mountain View High School. I’m born and raised in Boise, Idaho and I couldn’t be happier. I love all of the adventures you can find yourself doing outdoors here. I love mountain biking and hiking with my family and friends. I love being outside and looking at nature.
In eighth grade I met my best friend.  Her name happens to be Brynn also. Everyone calls us “The Brynn’s” and we do almost everything together. We both crave art and love music. I absolutely love pottery. This year I decided to take pottery class and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am obsessed with it and it’s my favorite thing to do. Brynn is absolutely amazing at art and can do almost anything. She’s into painting and drawing.  Making each other art projects is one of our favorite things to do. We both run cross-country and love it. Cross-country is such a good sport. It, of course, sounds horrible but cross-country is my favorite season of the year. The team is so close and we really are family. Brynn runs track as well and this year I decided I wanted to try something a little different... so I chose rugby. Yes, that’s right, a girl playing rugby. That may seem a little crazy, but oh my heavens it is so much fun!! The adrenalin rush is unreal and it is by far the best sport I have found. Playing in the games is so much fun.  Sometimes it’s really nice to take out all of your stress by tackling a girl down to the ground(; But really, if you don’t know what sport to play, check it out because it’s the most fun I have ever had in any type of athletic game.
Before I was even born, my mom put me into music classes. I took this class called Kindermusik, which is for babies, and it allows them to learn the basics of music. My mom started teaching me piano when I was five and I took lessons from her for about three years. Since then I just mess around on the piano and teach myself songs that I want to learn. I also play the violin and have played for six years now. Over this past summer I picked up the guitar and I fell in love with it. I am constantly playing the guitar.
I often find myself messing around with it and making up my own songs. Writing songs has always been something that amazes me. My friend Brooklyn and I are actually surprisingly good at it. We were able to make up a song with our ukuleles in one night and looking back at it, it’s crazy that we were able to do it that fast. One night I was sitting in my room messing around and I came up with a song that I call “Broken Love.” I personally don’t like the song at all... but my aunt told me I had to put it on here. So feel free to press play and listen while you continue reading. My dream is to go play songs in a small cafe downtown for people. That is, if I can man up and get the guts to actually do it.
I love dressing up nice. I hardly ever do it though. That’s one of the things I admire about Gabrielle (a previous blogger). I look up to her a lot and we go way back. I’ve known her since I was two and she was eight. I admire girls who don’t care what anyone else thinks and who like to dress up cute with their own style of fashion and I hope to one day grow up to be one of those types of people.  She used to be my babysitter and I’ve always admired her. It’s hard to try and dress up cute when you have to go to school. But when I do get to dress up, my favorite place to shop is in my Aunt Christy’s closet.
 +++ Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us Brynn!
I sure love ya!+++
xoxo Christy
April 28, 2015


Trucker hats 101

I don't drive a truck. Nor do I play a truck driver on TV....
However....I find myself powerless against the trucker hat phase of 2015 that is upon us. I just dig it. Its trendy, practical, and old school with a new school vibe thanks to catchy phrases and graphic prints that give my jeans and t shirt addiction a little pop of modern. I plan on adding this little gem to my collection soon: 
(also black and jungle green are straight up my color jam right now.)
Here are a few inspiring trucker hat photos to show how never-ending the styling options can be. No matter what your personal style, these hats can become a summer staple in your wardrobe. 
Go girly with designer Lauren Moshi's  Love Bird hat (let me save you a click - its sold out)
You cant go wrong with floral - if Gwen Stefani is doing it, you should be too!
 Check out Nicole Scherzinger (of the pussycat dolls) rocking one of my favorite color combos red, black and white. 
You can pull of this same look with Cents of Style's LOVE hat: here
and even though Pharell Williams has been the victim of this buffalo hat in the past:
He redeems himself completely when he dons the trucker version (but lets overlook the star trek hand shall we??)
Take a cue from model Cara Delevigne and don your hat backwards...its edgy. I like it.
If you need to go out in public without being recognized (you know, for frequent trips to your local krispy kreme, or just a casual drive past your ex's house to make sure his new girlfriend is 100% less cool than you...) I highly recommend pairing something like this amazing black leather version with some giant shades. Annalynne McCord nailed it. 
And last but not least - unleash your inner animal with an adorable Leopard print hat like this one:
I can totally envision this paired up with some black skinnies and a hot pink t shirt. 
Whether you wear it forwards or backwards, go girly with florals or birds, love graphic prints, or catchy phrases and especially if you're over the blow dryer lately... you really cant go wrong in a trucker hat this summer. Unless you're Brittney Spears and you're wearing it circa 2007 to hide your newly shaved head. In that case just stay inside. and cry.
See Cents of Style's entire hat collection HERE.
April 24, 2015


Girl Crush

Do you ever meet amazing people and wonder how you ever lived your life without them?? And by meet - I mean read their blog obsessively and stalk their instagram feed until you know basically everything about them?! This is the joy and beauty of social media. Connecting amazing people who otherwise would never have had the chance to become soul mates! And today's guest blogger is one of those gems that - gosh - I cant even express my love for!! She's real life. She's wit, grit, endurance, beauty, and for me - a staple of my online life. Meet Rachel Kirkham:
Hi Everyone! About a week ago, Christy asked me to guest-blog for her and I squealed. For real. I've never done this before and I’m super excited!
 I “met” Christy by stalking Instagram. I’m a total pro at it,it’s a little scary. I saw all her gorgeous pics and realized that her personality was pretty much awesome and I knew it was a match made in cyber-heaven. And now I need her to get her butt to Jersey so we can hang because she’s the coolest. 
So who am I? My name is Rachel and I’m a mediocre mother of 3. My husband is a first year fellow in a Pulmonology and Critical Care fellowship in Southern New Jersey and we live just outside of Philadelphia. We have 2 years until we are officially done and we can call ourselves functional adults even though we’re in our mid-thirties and should have been functioning adults a long time ago. I write about my adventures in motherhood at lifewithjoliefete.com - you should check it out. 
Since my husband is always working and rarely ever home I found myself straight up bored and decided to stop ignoring my gut and start something I was passionate about. 
30 years ago today (April 23rd) my father took his own life. The circumstances surrounding his suicide are still somewhat of a mystery to me but the bottom line is that he felt so alone and so horrible that he thought that ending his life was the only way out. This breaks my heart and I decided that I needed to do something to bring this horrible epidemic into the light. Enter, Wick’d by Jolie Fête - a line of candles that bring awareness to suicide and how to prevent it. 
A lot of soul has gone into the project. I really mean it when I say that my whole heart and should is in every single candle made. I make them in my kitchen late at night after my kids have gone to bed and each time I pour out a batch I think of the programs the sale of the candles will help fund. You see, 10% of all the money made from the candles will go directly to the Association for Suicide Prevention and help fund programs that will provide support and therapy for people who are suffering. 
Unfortunately my father isn’t my only loved one to take their life and the fact that I can count on 2 hands how many people I personally know who have done so, breaks my heart. It was time for me to do something about it, no matter how small it may be. It is my goal to use the candles to get people talking about suicide. Suicide is still such a taboo subject and it needs to be talked about freely and often for people to really start doing something to stop it. I believe that it is preventable and we have a duty to help prevent it. 
What does all of this have to do with style? Well I’ll tell you what…nothing. JUST KIDDING! It takes a lot to work out of your home and some days it’s so exhausting that you don’t want to do anything but stay in PJs and put your greasy hair in a bun and call it a day. I do this often assuming I ever get out of my gym clothes. But on the days that I dedicate to candle making, I have a few staples that make my life easier. 
1. My J-brand jeans with holes in the knees (so broken in and comfy they could pass as pajama jeans).
2. The t-shirt I got from running my first race so that I can look down and be motivated to keep going even when I’m tired.
3. My Monica Potter Home apron which is PERFECT for the crafty lady. It has everything and is definitely my staple.
4. Comfy shoes because standing up for hours making candles is a beast on your back.
I can’t say that I’m a beacon of style inspiration but I’m a pretty firm believer that having a uniform when working on your biz is actually pretty crucial. I work my best when I feel my best and these items are key to helping me be comfortable and productive. 
When I’m not up to my elbows in wax, I’m usually on the floor. I’m either banging out some yoga poses with my little people, playing cars with my 2 year old, or dressing and undressing American Girl dolls with my daughters. We keep it casual in the Kirkham house for sure - jeans and t-shirts, fun maxi dresses, gym clothes, and ponytails pretty much daily. That’s not to say I don’t love to dress up. Every once in a while I leave the house without children and then I kick it up a notch and try and be brave with my ensemble. My style inspirations are pretty much all drawn from Kate Spade. I can’t afford her stuff but I can try and recreate it with items from Target, Old Navy, and my newly discovered love, TJ Maxx. A few statement pieces from my lady Kate and I’m set. 
Behind every great and successful woman is a fabulous pair of shoes, a killer black dress, and an attitude that knocks down barriers and pushes boundaries. I’m knocking down the stigma of suicide one comfy outfit and candle at a time!
Xx, Rach
April 22, 2015


Meet Gabrielle!

Hey everyone, 
So basically I missed posting today in lieu of a full day of motherhood and then a 6 hour solo drive to SLC!!! I am SO EXCITED to be attending SNAP conference with a bunch of fun bloggers and DIYers in Utah this weekend. (And believe me when I tell you that I am MORE than ready for a little timeout from my daily grind. ***). In my absence I have asked two of my favorite people to fill in for me this week! These are girls I LOVE. Who each have a unique and fun personal sense of style! They have been so kind to impart of their fashion wisdom with us! I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I have in my life...
Without further ado, let me introduce todays Guest blogger: Gabrielle Jensen! Gabby and I go WAY back. Like all the way to 2008. I have always been impressed with her fearless style and devil may care attitude about her always transitioning makeup trends as well as the intensity with which she can work a back comb! More importantly however - is the heart underneath that hairspray. This girl is SO. MUCH. FUN. She makes me smile just to think of her. She is tenacious. She is strong. I love her to pieces!!!!
She is the epitome of Old meets New - and I think you'll agree her eclectic fashion finds will set your heart a flutter. Prepare to be inspired! I guarantee that after you read this you will be heading to your nearest thrift store!!!!
Hello there! My name is Gabrielle im 22 and I recently moved from Chicago to Salt Lake City. I loved Chicago, I loved that I could dress to the nines every day and I fit right in. I could also dress grungy and out there and fit in just as well. Hopefully I can bring some of that to Salt Lake City!
I mean, sure I’m kind of cute now but my style has not always been as put together as it is, everyone starts somewhere, right?! My wardrobe once entirely consisted of band tee shirts, plain tee shirts, and anything with a skull on it. Meaning, the average Gabrielle-goes-to-high-school senior picture looked like this:
My goal was to look unapproachable and tough. And boy was good at it. As the end of high school approached I became friends with people who were a little more... indie. I found myself in random thrift stores spread across Boise paying 2 dollars for a beige cardigan. I mean, I had grown up going to the D.I. hearing the words “well at least no one else will have it, right?” as my mom held up a worn flowered shirt. I would roll my eyes, she was right about that. Now at 18 I believed her and I loved it!
Once I was out of high school I went a little crazy with colored hair, I mean every color of hair and style you can think of! I loved it! I loved doing makeup and wearing crazy clothes, it was like grown up dress up. I loved educating myself in every style I could think of. I worked up the skill of recreating 50s hairdos, which is NOT easy believe me. I would spend my time in thrift stores hunting for the perfect 50s dresses to match my hair. Then I would move onto something else.
Fast forward 3 years and I have gotten deep into Thrift store shopping and finding good deals. It doesn’t just stop with clothing, I love makeup, accessories, and furniture! There are always things to be found if you give into it the time and the energy it needs. It makes me so happy for people to gasp “WHERE did you get those shoes!” then I get to blow them away by telling them “A thrift store for fifty cents!” Finding vintage things and then pairing them with other modern pieces is by far my favorite thing to do. I would eventually love to run my own Fashion and makeup how-to blog once I get up enough courage. My goal is to empower women and girls to feel powerful and to start redefining what beauty is and means to them.
P.S. I am always walking around SLC if ever anyone wants to go thrifting with me ;-)
*****I have never been the type of person to alter the way that I am or how I dress because of what other people think. I’m not afraid to wear that bright floral dress or orange lipstick. “Only you could pull that off” people would say. That’s just it though, anyone can pull it off. Having confidence is the key, letting go of whether the masses will like it or not. Well, do you like it? Then wear it! People will love you for it and it takes away so many restrictions you place on yourself. Don’t be afraid to be seen. Dress for yourself, wear that crazy eyeshadow because YOU think YOU look good, not because someone else might. In addition to that, Im working to remove the mindset that girly equals weak. Just because a girl wears makeup and dresses doesn’t make her any less strong, smart, or empowered. You are worth just as much wearing those baggy shirts as you are wearing a polka dot blouse. Neither type of person is better, more or less than the other. What I wear and do, I do for myself.******
ARE YOU AS IN LOVE WITH GABRIELLE AS I AM???? I knew you would be :) Follow her on instagram @cannibalqueen!
Stay tuned for Fridays guest blogger!!! Shes a woman on a mission and i think you"ll like her!
April 20, 2015


Mother of the Year

Today I am wallowing in my awesomeness as a mother, and feel compelled to share a few stories that should definitely make your day. Maybe because its Monday, or maybe because Im out of diet coke - whatever the reason I feel like sharing this little glimpse into our insanity at the Beal house. 
My 5 year old middle child Spencer is a tiny guy. He is anti-food (I have considered genetic testing to see if he was indeed my child). We have struggled since he was 6 months old to make him not just gain weight - but enjoy eating!  We are the awesome parents that lets their kid eat fruit snacks for breakfast, nutella on everything, and chocolate milk all day long. Currently Spencer is 5 and weighs roughly 34 pounds. I'm pretty sure I've eaten a sandwich that weighed close to that recently.
Anyway, we discovered somehow with our kids that every single one of them freakishly LOVES taco bell bean burritos. This discovery became our saving grace with Spencer and there were many weeks where the only real sustenance he would consume was a burrito. Visiting Taco Bell became as ingrained in our daily routine as buying milk and hitting up the library. 
Recently one day at the drive thru, Spencer asked if he could order his burrito by himself, and hand the checker his money. I said sure and about died laughing as he yelled his order into the crackling speaker: "I want ONE bean burrito WIF NO ONIONS and also a widdle tiny SPRITE". (Have I mentioned his adorable lisp??). We pulled forward to pay, with Spencer's tiny arm holding his dollar bill dangling out the window. As the checker opened the window and told us the total, Spencer with a look of total bewilderment says to him, "Hey, wait a minute (long pause)....are you NEW here?" The guy laughed a little bit and said Yep! This is my first week working here. 
That's right. My child recognized that there was a new guy working at Taco Bell.
Even better? As we got ready to pull out of the drive-thru Spencer casually with a wave of his hand screamed, " welp - Ill see ya tomorrow!" and then rolled up his window!
At that moment I vowed to mix up our drive thru habits and start frequenting Jimmy Johns down the street a little more often....
Brigitte is my shy little magpie. She is drawn to all things sparkly and useless. Tin foil, beads, broken pieces of glass. She can't help herself - she must collect things and keep them in odd little piles in her room. The only thing she loves maybe even a little more than shiny trash - is some type of small container or box to keep it in! She amuses me this one. A few months ago Brigi peed her pants at school - while she was standing in line to tell her teacher....that she was about to pee her pants! She is so precious! Always concerned about the rules, and permission, and wanting to double check to make sure it is OK before she does ANYTHING - it is hard to believe this is my wild rebel of a lady who didn't sleep for her first 3 years of life. This picture is her in a nutshell: to shy to smile with her missing teeth!
Recently Brigitte brought to my attention, the fact that she was definitely too scared of dance class to continue on. Rumors were starting to circulate about a gasp - recital - and although she didn't really understand what this meant, I think she knew it had something to do with scratchy sequins and performing in front of adults - two evils in this world that she refuses to endorse. After many tearful pleadings I finally relented and gave up my ballerina dreams for my daughter and let her quit. Under the one condition - that she find a new replacement self-esteem building activity that she enjoys. So we sat down one day and opened up the ol laptop and started searching for some type of sport or class that she could take. 
I showed her tiny gymnasts sticking their landings. I showed her karate kicks and miniature cheerleading squads shaking their pom poms. I showed her the click-clack of tap dance, the joy and rhythm of Irish dance, the beat of hip hop, and even the awesomeness that was joining up with a swim team! She was horrified at each and every one of these options. Cooking class, art class, and pottery class were also vetoed. I was running out of options. 
And then I remembered the hours I spent as a youth admiring and watching the beautiful Ice skaters Ekaterina Gordeeva and Oksana Baiul. I quickly pulled up some youtube videos of routines and showed them to Brigitte. She sat quietly thinking and watching the skaters glide across the ice and perform a variety of twirls and jumps. "What do you think, Brig?" I asked with a very excited and high pitched voice! "Well", she whispered.... "Sometimes when little girls do Ice classes do their mothers never leave them?" Nope I said! their mothers stay the ENTIRE time - you don't have to be scared I will watch you the whole time! She paused for another minute and then quietly asked, "and sometimes when the children turn 8 do their mothers never EVER leave them at skating classes for sleep overs?" Hmm. I was sensing an abandonment theme... "Nope! I've never heard of mothers leaving their 8 year olds for sleep overs at skating class"! Again she paused. And then she said, "And when the little children are on the ice and their feet are skating really fast and the wind blows in their hair - do they sometimes deep down feel like its... fun???"
Bless her heart. This child has no idea how to recognize if something is even FUN??? Where have I gone wrong?! I about died laughing. I guess we have decided that Brigitte can just arrange her tiny piles of garbage in her room all day long by herself instead of risking a "fun feeling" inside. 
 Our family was recently stricken with the plague for the entire month of February and half of April. Benett got the brunt of it starting with pneumonia, then ear infections, then c Diff from all the antibiotics he had taken. One day while I was once again in Fred Meyers filling some prescriptions I had poor sick Bennycakes with me. Any time this child gets sick his first symptom is barfing. It doesn't matter if its the flu, a respiratory virus, or an ear infection - he just cant help himself and he throws up. Its been reeeeeaaaallll fun. (There are roughly 5-10 pictures of his barfcapades on my instagram feed if you are curious and or want to feel sorry for me.)
Anyway, I'm standing there in the checkout line buying the usual gatorade, pudding, and popcicles - when Benett starts to cry. He had a fever and was so miserable with violent diarrhea and tummy aches. I was hurrying as fast as I could, but he had had it. The problem is - once he starts to cry when he is sick - it always ends the same way. With a barf bucket. 
Luckily we had just left the hospital and I had grabbed one of those very extremely handy barf bags on my way out. I quickly reached into my purse and held it to his face where he swiped it away from himself with the ferocity of a wild jungle cat. The coughing started and I could tell danger was imminent. At this point I was next in line to check out and didn't want to give up my spot...plus I was blocked in my lane by a mom with kids in front of me, and a single man with a cart full behind me....which meant I was going to have to let my child throw up right there - and then proceed as normal.
The checker one lane over had caught sight of the distress and just as Benett heaved an entire box of mac n cheese plus a bottle full of chocolate milk into the barf bag - he came running over with some paper towels and water bottle. (Heaven bless the amazing people that work at my local fred meyer! they are always SO nice to us!)
Benett continues to cough barf into the plastic bag while I stand there getting stared at by every single person in the store. The sweet checker was next to me with a bottle of water - which he gently offered to Benett once the heaving had come to an end. With one swift and epically violent sweep of his grizzly bear paw, Benett simultaneously shreiked NOOOOOOO at the top of his lungs while slapping that full to the brim opened water bottle plum across the room. It barely missed colliding with the head of a shopper, and landed smack against a display of canned goods, spraying roughly 5 people on its way down, where it emptied into a giant puddle of a mess. 
The checker said "Don't even worry about it, we got it!" and I moved forward to check out. It was one of those nightmare moments when you can just feel the judgement from a million silent strangers.
Somehow when I signed up for motherhood I neglected to realize that one day I would find myself swiping a debit card with one hand....clutching a bag of vomit in the other, and standing next to a bunch of slightly damp people who had just witnessed my 3 year old become possessed by the devil himself. 
I hope you moms out there know how amazing you're doing just getting though the daily grind of life! Some days we succeed in doing wholesome educational activities over here...and some days are spent eating fruit snacks in front of the flat screen nanny all day long. I cry sometimes. And shake my fist to the heavens and scream WHY MEEEEEEE!!!!! We have spans of sleeplessness and stress and utter insanity over here! And you know what? Its hilarious! I've been dealt a pretty great hand - even if I whine about it every chance I get! Who can resist these little minions of mine?!!!
Happy Monday my friends! Do you have a wonderfully awesome parenting story to share with me? Please make my day and let it fly!
xoxo Christy
April 17, 2015



So technically Memorial day hasn't happened yet - But I'm totally busting out my white skinnies and I don't care who knows it! As soon as the sun broke through the rainy skies that have been ruining our lives for the past few weeks, I immediately celebrated with some summertime outfits! Its 66 degrees today and I can't help but feel liberated!!

I'm a modern lady - ain't nobody got time for crazy "rules" of fashion! (need a quick giggle? Sweet Brown always fills me with joy!)

nobody got time

I've worn these beloved peek a boo earrings in Rose Gold recently - but I HAD to grab them in silver, because,  #shoppingproblems. I ADORE them. My daughter Brigitte thinks they are real diamonds and always wants to wear them. I indulged her for the Cinderella movie and for 2 hours she gently reached up and touched them and smiled at me! Precious daughter!

Add these blush sandals to my list of obsessions. Can I hear a hallelujah for pedicure season??!

Every time I wear this snake bangle I cant help but think of Naomi Watts and her amazing necklace at the golden globes! I love it so much - especially stacked with my pyramid cuff!

(shop both of these bracelets here!)

Happy Friday everyone! I'm heading out with friends tonight for some much needed Italian goodness, followed by a lazy morning of sleeping in and and a Saturday full of soaking up some much needed sunshine with my kiddos! Is anyone else completely ecstatic that yard sale season is upon us?! Remember the amazing voodoo doll I found for a quarter last summer?? (on my instagram:christyatthetopknot). Oh, one last thing: I drove through a neighborhood today and witnessed a house fully bedazzled with Christmas icicle lights, holiday wreath, and a waving Santa. Feeling pretty darn great about my weeds out front ;) 

See you Monday!





April 15, 2015


A Makeup Makeover

I have a terrible confession to make. Maybe it is best explained in a photo:
"Someone" needs a caboodle. I am ashamed. 
My makeup hoarding sometimes gets out of control, and my stash outgrows my containers. Also - I put makeup on in a variety of places (upstairs, downstairs....in the car) and need it to be portable, which means that basically I can't keep it in a cute tabletop organizer or in a drawer. 
Not that this box is any better....especially with the broken sides. 
Because my friend Nichole and I go way back (like all the way back to the 6th grade!) - she  could psychically sense that I was in a bit of a makeup rut. She is the Younique QUEEN - and in a supreme act of mercy - she surprised me with not just a few items to try - BUT A BOX stashed with some of her Younique favorites. The stash included Illuminate face wash, Divine daily moisturizer, Glorious face and eye primer, Mineral touch pressed powder, Beachfront bronzer, Lucrative lip gloss, and a Fiberlash kit!!!!!!! I can seriously just barely contain my excitement!
She even sent me this adorable carryall. So I can officially retire my shoebox friend. #goodbyeforever
This new makeup of course required a full on test run. And so I am going to post for you the amazingness of transforming my early morning dragon face - into a socially acceptable face resembling a human. Brace yourselves! This was no easy task.
Posting a picture of your makeup free face on the internet has to be up there with the scariest and most dreaded of activities. Second only to maybe, say, a swimsuit photo. #nevergonnahappen.
So here I am in all my cosmetic-free glory, complete with fancy bang wrangler headwrap. Also feast your eyes upon my paleness:
And here just a short 15 minutes later is my ACTUAL face, using all the Younique goodness:
Speechless right???? How is it that a little bronzer and lipgloss can literally turn me from "momzombie" to "acceptable in public" in such a brief amount of time?! Its amazing!
I'm a little late to the Younique party. I've seen it floating around facebook for a few years, and of course have admired it from afar on Instagram. But for some reason, I just hadn't made the investment to try it yet. BIG mistake. HUGE. 
Some thought on the products:
This facewash is by far the creamiest and most pearlescent goodness I have ever experienced. A little went a long way, it smelled AMAZING, and my face was soft like a babys bum! I like a good lather and this delivered! Two thumbs way up!
Primer is pretty much my love language. Ill admit it: I'm a primer snob. If you haven't indulged in a good primer yet you are missing out. ORDER THIS ONE. A tiny dab will smooth out your face, and help your makeup glide on flawlessly and STAY ON! This was superb.
I was shocked and pleased with how well the pressed powder foundation covered up my face. I have basically see through skin, tons of red capillaries, acne spots, veins, and hello - check my before picture!!! I basically require some type of spackle to cover everything. This foundation on top of the primer went on smooth as silk and had great coverage that wasn't heavy handed. I would buy this again!
All bronzers are NOT created equal! Are you struggling by with a cheap grocery store bronzer like I have been all my life? Ditch it! This bronzer was PERFECTION! No orange fake bake look - no crazy lines, no need to sit and blend and make sure you dont look like a clown.
This lipgloss (Luxe color) is definitely going on my must have list and is going to become a staple in my makeup bag. I've had it on for 2 hours now, it hasn't dried out my lips, and I can still see it. And it goes on smooth like silk. I really really loved this.  
Last but not least....the Fiberlashes. Oh my word. What the heck have I been wasting all my dang money on all these years??? 3 different mascaras in my collection combined dont even give me HALF the length and volume that one easy application of these fibers did. I have previously even been an eyelash extender - but its spendy, high maintenance, and pretty much destroys your natural lashes. I will forever and always forever more be hopelessly devoted to these Fiberlashes!!!!!!!!!!
Head over here to get your own stash of Younique products! You WONT be disappointed!!!!
* This is my BFF Nichole's affiliate link (send her a little love for giving me such a generous gift!). I receive no compensation from this post. The makeup I received was a gift from my friend and I was not paid in any way or asked to post my opinions on these products! So you know I'm genuine with my love and recommendations!!!!! 
Happy Makeup Makeover! xoxo Christy
April 13, 2015

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Mint + White + Gold

I have a little obsession brewing in my closet. Mint, white, and gold. Its quickly become my favorite color combo!
I wish my hair was up in this picture so you could see the gorgeous silhouette of this woven white metal necklace a little better. It makes me feel like booking a Grecian cruise and eating hummus and olives all day long! 
And these shoes. Words cannot express my adoration. (On sale right now for $19.99!!!!)
For a final finishing touch - add your gold accessories!!!! My cuff obsession is going strong!
 Whats your latest color combo obsession???
April 10, 2015


Do you hear what I hear?

Its the sound of Paris calling. 
Every April I start to crave crepes with Nutella, long chats with the Mona Lisa, and a quiet walk through the Tuileries Garden with a macaron or two. And so help me - these earrings would look SPECTACULAR staring back at me in the hall of mirrors at Versailles! 
Paris and I go way back. My first visit was with my family when I was 16. My dad had business in London and for fun we got to ride the chunnel over to France for the day. It was a far too short 6 hours of walking around the shops and buildings surrounding the train terminal. My parents were too freaked out to split up our family into two cabs, so they refused to take us to any tourist places. I remember that I was dying to cut off my hair into some nouveau fashion, but we couldn't find a salon! Here is my sister and I standing in front of a bridal shop, looking as my sister put it - "like we had had one too many croissants..."
The next time I saw Paris was during the unfortunate fall of 2004 when I got divorced and lost my sanity. Late one night while searching on ebay for a copy of the french poster Rachel and Monica had hanging in their apartment ... I might have accidentally stumbled upon an auction for a flat in the Marais, promptly emailed the owner, and booked it for a month. I told my best friend and fellow lover of all things french (the famous Courtney who founded Cents of Style) to pack her bags! She came to my rescue and met me there for a week so as to better help me cope with being crazy, depressed, and single (a lethal combo). The good news was that somehow when you cry in Paris your tears turn into Euros, and as if by magic you become the proud new owner of an uncracked heart and a pair of Biscotti jeans worth more than a years worth of therapy....
We rode the metro to and fro, shopped, ate, and ate some more. We visited every museum and castle and accidentally got two homeless artists arrested when they tried to sell us the chalk sketches they had drawn of us on the street in Monmartre. I still have that drawing somewhere in a closet - but lest I wake the napping beast - I will have to leave it there for now.  
Every night we would crash in our tiny apartment and eat ham, cheese, and dijonaise (which is an addicting combo of mustard and mayo that is horrifyingly absent from American supermarkets) on crusty baguettes and laugh about how unfortunate our white tennis shoes looked running up the steps of the Sacred Heart cathedral, and how we had never in our lives imagined Paris would be everything the movies tell you it is.
What can I say about Parisian fashion - except that it is effortless and uniformly beautiful. You don't see a lot of extremes in styling on the streets, or lazy comfort fashion the way you do here in the US. There are no juicy couture pant suits, no Uggs - and strangely no overprocessed curled hair. Curling irons and hair products in general were oddly hard to come by! The fashion here is harder to put into a box - and in general encompasses ALL the trends and somehow mixes them up into one mashup of style. The makeup was also less overdone and more natural than what is typically trending over here. People look straight up magazine worthy and at the same time very Je ne sais quoi. (Images from the always perfect french street blog EASY FASHION)
A quick 4 years later Paris was calling me back for more, this time with my new husband. After eloping to Manhattan we hopped a plane and spent a week kissing here and there against the backdrop of the worlds most romantic city. With our 8 year anniversary coming up next week, I find myself craving the smell of chestnut trees blooming and a little hand holding along the seine.... 
We had a superb time gallivanting around the city, despite the fact that we never acclimated to the time change and slept in til 4pm every day. We stayed at the St James Hotel  (please click on this link and see basically the cutest website in all of creation). We ate panini sandwiches with brie, tomato, and basil every day for breakfast, wandered in and out of shops spending all our money we had saved from not having a wedding reception, and blissfully soaked in the 75 degree perfection of springtime.
These were our orange metro cards that allowed us to ride throughout the city like locals. We look  baby fresh young. And very serious. And slightly "Bourne Identitiy"... 
Its astounding to me that it has been 8 whole years since I have stepped foot in France. Its a heartbreak really. I need to come up with some type of international business plan that allows me to relocate without being fluent in the language - in addition to making roughly 2 million Euros a year so that I can live in a flat equipped with both a dishwasher and a bathtub, and maybe if I were really lucky -a little outdoor garden space for my new golden persian kitty to lay in the sun. My children could attend the international school in their matching uniforms and grow up eating herbs de provence and expressing their emotions through impressionist paintings....
In the mean time I guess Ill whip up some crepes for anniversary dinner and try and try again to get the children to refer to me as "maman" while I wear this scarf and sing La Vie en Rose while doing the dishes....
Do you have a city in this beautiful world that is your home away from home? A place that has your heart and knows you better than you know yourself? Do tell!
Until Monday, Au Revoir
xoxo Christy
April 08, 2015

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Rainy days and Mondays

Always get me downnnnn.
Its not Monday - but it IS rainy over here in my neck of the woods. I am struck by the inexplicable urge to give in to what is known as "the gray sweatshirt phenomenon." Somehow I walk into a store to buy colorful spring type clothing - and leave with another version of this gray wearable blanket. 
Sometimes as a bonus, and to add a little variety -they have hidden gems like this exposed zipper detail:
I bought this particular sweatshirt off Zulily when I stumbled upon this brand called TROLL and loved everything they had listed. After some pretty impressive mission impossible action via google, I learned that this brand was sold on a Polish website called TOP SECRET. And my slow decent into madness was born. * Sidenote: make sure you translate the page unless you speak a little polish for fun. And don't be thrown off when you see the category called "riding breeches" and when you click on it - its actually turtle necks. I bought two gray sweatshirts for my collection and there is no telling what else I might buy! Im out of control! 
I've been thinking lately about all the hard things we have to endure as Moms and as Women in general. I have a few friends going through fertility trials,broken marriages, miscarriage sadness, baby blues, and the madness that is being post-partum. ITS SO HARD! My own children have repeatedly tried to kill me with their sicknesses, chronic crying spells, fighting, and general inability to function like humans instead of gremlins that got into chicken after 10pm. Some days I just REQUIRE comfort clothes. Aint no shame in it. 
Because it is a dreary and cold day today and also because apparently I don't have enough stress in my life - I have decided another attempt at potty training my wee devil. Hes 3 and a half. It makes absolutely NO sense to me why he wants to sit in his own filth all day long, but he insists on it. He even runs and hides from me when he goes in his pants! WHY? WHY? This video pretty much sums up how its been going so far:
I hope your day is going slightly better than mine! And if it isnt...climb into a gray sweatshirt as an act of solidarity against the madness! 
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