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We Are Strong Graphic T-Shirt

Designed by Colleen Pastoor from LemonThistle for Design the Good 2016
"This shirt is for any girl, mom, woman and lady boss that has ever questioned if they could ____. Life can be dang hard- even when you’re rocking it. But ladies, we are strong. And those big dreams? You’re strong enough for those too. We’ve been taught to be reasonable in our expectations, be critical of our strengths, and be cautious of risk- so if deep down you know that you’re strong enough but just need someone to tell you. This is for you. I believe every woman has questioned their strength at one time (or many). But being reminded that you are strong? That's empowering in itself. Being reminded that all those ladies around you who are pushing those same boundaries and fighting the same battles are also strong? That's inspiring."
  • Crew Neck Short Sleeved T-Shirt with "We Are Strong" graphic in black. 
  • Color: White
  • Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Sizing:
    • Small: 0-6
    • Medium: 8-10
    • Large: 12-14
    • X-Large: 16-18
    • XX-Large: 20-22

***This graphic t-shirt is a Pre-Order item and will ship the week of November 18th***