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Kindness Stamped Spirit Bracelet

Hand-selected for the Chic Life Collection by Rachel Hollis:

"One of the things I get asked about most are my bracelets. For years I’ve worn dainty gold bracelets on my left wrist and I never remove them. They’re inscribed with words or phrases that I need for whatever season of life I’m walking through and I really wanted to create something similar for you guys. And then it hit me one day, what about the fruits of the spirit? There are actually twelve fruits of the spirit but I picked the five that felt the most relevant for women today. My thought is that you’ll get the word (or words) you most need right now in your life. Consider it as a gift for a friend who’s walking through a hard season.

Kindness – Do you ever get so busy that you forget to be kind? I know that I do. I love the idea of a reminder that makes us slow down and practice kindness. This is especially powerful for our daughters for whom the world is often unkind. Get them as friendship bracelets and commit to kindness as a group."




  • Metal bar with a stamped phrase and a stamped metal chain.
  • Metal Finish: Rose Gold
  • Measurements: 6-1/2" long, Bar: 1-3/4", Extender: 1-3/4"