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Plum Street Prints

Meet Shannon, the owner of Plum Street Prints. She grew up in Seattle with a love for art, design, marketing, and business. Shannon produces beautiful design that finds itself on tech cases & more, as well as in the hands of celebrities & trendsetters. After meeting Shannon and learning more about her business. Plum Street Prints, that loves good design that uplifts & inspires, we knew Shannon was perfect to introduce to our Cents of Style family.  Shannon designed our "Smart Girls Are the Prettiest" graphic tee that empowered every smart girl out there to keep to their path, to tell their own story! 
"I am thankful for those hard moments because they showed me how strong I was. They showed me that I could create this dream if I was willing to work for it. No one hands you your dream, it's something you earn."

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