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Ventra Brushed Metal Outline Earrings

Rose Gold
Diamonds ARE a girls best friend!  Yes, because they sparkle and are beautiful, but it is what they represent.  Where they came from and how they got here.  Women are warriors who do very hard things.  We are pushed and pressed beyond what we think are our limits.  And then it is repeated over and over again.  And yet, we emerge...bruised and broken, maybe, but stronger and far more brilliant.  Don't hide from the refining that makes us shine.  We are diamonds... just like these Ventra Brushed Metal Outline Earrings.

  • Brushed metal, diamond hoop, dangle earrings 
  • Color: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
Materials & Closure
  • Material Content: Toned Metal Alloy
  • Closure: Fish Hook
    Post Length: 1/2"
  • Width: 1-1/2"
  • Length: 2-1/2"