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Becky Higgins

Hey there! I’m Becky Higgins, creator of Project Life®, compulsive wearer of kitchen gloves, and mama bear to three. I’m on a lifetime quest to encourage people to “cultivate a good life and record it.”  It’s an honor to team up with Cents of Style to bring you a t-shirt that has very significant meaning to me — and probably many of you. Thanks so much for picking up one or two and helping to spread goodness as you strive to cultivate a good life.

In this world that has so much darkness and turmoil, you have opportunities every single day to let your light SHINE! This happens when you smile, do small acts of service, use simple manners, avoid gossip, lift up others, share sincere compliments and a million other things. You always, ALWAYS have a choice to rise up. Rise above. And show the universe who’s boss of your choices.

Rise And Shine Graphic T-Shirt $29.95 USD