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How adorable is this girl?

April 30, 2015

Since I have been travelling a ton these past two weeks I asked a few amazing girls to fill in for me and share a little bit about their lives and what makes them tick. I am SO amazed at the talents and goodness that each of them possess, and I have loved reading their posts!  
This week while I am in Utah for a wedding, I have asked my fantastically adorable niece Brynn to share a few inspiring pictures of what its like to be young and alive these days (ah, memories!). Somehow she is totally nailing the whole "successful teenager thing" and I am beyond impressed with her. At her age I was accidentally making out with Australian boys and skipping school to go to the latest Jennifer Love- Hewitt movie (remember her???).
I feel really old right now...
My name is Brynn and I’m 16 years old. I’m a Sophomore at Mountain View High School. I’m born and raised in Boise, Idaho and I couldn’t be happier. I love all of the adventures you can find yourself doing outdoors here. I love mountain biking and hiking with my family and friends. I love being outside and looking at nature.
In eighth grade I met my best friend.  Her name happens to be Brynn also. Everyone calls us “The Brynn’s” and we do almost everything together. We both crave art and love music. I absolutely love pottery. This year I decided to take pottery class and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am obsessed with it and it’s my favorite thing to do. Brynn is absolutely amazing at art and can do almost anything. She’s into painting and drawing.  Making each other art projects is one of our favorite things to do. We both run cross-country and love it. Cross-country is such a good sport. It, of course, sounds horrible but cross-country is my favorite season of the year. The team is so close and we really are family. Brynn runs track as well and this year I decided I wanted to try something a little different... so I chose rugby. Yes, that’s right, a girl playing rugby. That may seem a little crazy, but oh my heavens it is so much fun!! The adrenalin rush is unreal and it is by far the best sport I have found. Playing in the games is so much fun.  Sometimes it’s really nice to take out all of your stress by tackling a girl down to the ground(; But really, if you don’t know what sport to play, check it out because it’s the most fun I have ever had in any type of athletic game.
Before I was even born, my mom put me into music classes. I took this class called Kindermusik, which is for babies, and it allows them to learn the basics of music. My mom started teaching me piano when I was five and I took lessons from her for about three years. Since then I just mess around on the piano and teach myself songs that I want to learn. I also play the violin and have played for six years now. Over this past summer I picked up the guitar and I fell in love with it. I am constantly playing the guitar.
I often find myself messing around with it and making up my own songs. Writing songs has always been something that amazes me. My friend Brooklyn and I are actually surprisingly good at it. We were able to make up a song with our ukuleles in one night and looking back at it, it’s crazy that we were able to do it that fast. One night I was sitting in my room messing around and I came up with a song that I call “Broken Love.” I personally don’t like the song at all... but my aunt told me I had to put it on here. So feel free to press play and listen while you continue reading. My dream is to go play songs in a small cafe downtown for people. That is, if I can man up and get the guts to actually do it.
I love dressing up nice. I hardly ever do it though. That’s one of the things I admire about Gabrielle (a previous blogger). I look up to her a lot and we go way back. I’ve known her since I was two and she was eight. I admire girls who don’t care what anyone else thinks and who like to dress up cute with their own style of fashion and I hope to one day grow up to be one of those types of people.  She used to be my babysitter and I’ve always admired her. It’s hard to try and dress up cute when you have to go to school. But when I do get to dress up, my favorite place to shop is in my Aunt Christy’s closet.
 +++ Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us Brynn!
I sure love ya!+++
xoxo Christy

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